Alex & Jo - first time (deleted scene from 10x03)

We are all too y o u n g to die

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Revenge Appreciation Week || Day Two: Favorite episodeTruth

Don’t throw your life away because of the choices that I’ve made. Jack, look at me. Deep down inside, you’ve always known the truth. I’m Amanda Clarke.

I think it’s so important that women really focus on encouraging and empowering other women. That’s definitely something that people struggle with in [the entertainment] business and in this industry, and that the media especially likes to bring attention to in a negative way. It’s so important that we empower one another because it’s hard enough being a woman! We could use all the support that we can get from each other.


Countdown to the season 11 premiere with season 10 (24 days)

10x2: I Want You With Me

The waiting can kill you. You make a decision and then the world has to turn. The consequences unfold, out of your hands. There’s only one thing that seems clear, in those quiet moments while you wait, whatever you chose was wrong.

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i will not become another casualty of these people